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I made page 2 of the Arab News!

Fascinating to hear about NHK Tokyo’s Social Listening Team (SOLT) & the daily interactive news show.

"Thanks" - Swedish Radio journalists tweet appreciation to their audience for sharing their stories. Be personal!

What is Constructive Journalism? Broadcasters’ own definitions at @EBUAcademy Master Class at DR - inspiring!

So, today is a day I hope to inspire radio producers NOT to post on social media the latest meme doing the rounds or an anonymous image from the web and instead concentrate on their own station content. After all, this is what makes you unique! What you post on Facebook, Twitter etc. will of course depend on your social media strategy (if you don’t know what yours is, stop reading NOW and speak to your boss) but here is a selection of posts from the last 48 hours or so that I like, in no particular order:



On the UK’s BBC Radio 2, Anneka Rice has been covering overnighs for Alex “The Dark Lord” Lester and here’s her new nickname courtesy of listener Wilma. Search through the pictures and videos your listeners send you. The best can provide unique content and you reward listeners by sharing what they’ve sent in (


@AbsoluteRadio00 is a digital music station in the UK which shows off its anarchic and witty personality through its Twitter account.


Above it pulls one of its sister stations into the conversation. A very clever way of marketing two radio stations and positioning the brands. Its an interesting question to ask yourself, what IS the voice of your station? How does it speak? What language does it use? What’s its personality? Does this come through in all your posts?


Here are two examples. Firstly, I like the idea behind what London’s Magic 105.4 and DJ Neil Fox are doing here.


Capitalising on the trend for selfies, you can see this shot from two different angles. Its a bit different. You’ve also got the branding for the show and station. (@NeilDoctorFox)

And, at a local UK station Sun FM in Sunderland this image was created for Facebook, capitalising on the fierce rivalry between the city and neighbours, Newcastle.


This proved to be popular amongst local listeners and not only do I like Sun FM’s attempt to create its own visual content but it engages with Facebook users throughout the conversation that follows. This is one of the elements of social media content I see very rarely, stations reacting to comments. Many post questions and then disappear. Not very social.(


Social media should have people at the heart of it, just as radio does. I worry when there are no faces to be seen in the cover and profile pictures of Facebook. Elvis Duran from New York’s Z100 has it covered here.


I like the crew’s Twitter names are included too although I have to figure out who’s who. Perhaps not a problem for fans.

There’s a lot to engage with on this page. I liked the next post about the appearance of a mysterious clown on Staten Island. Firstly, users are referred to Elvis’ website for a collection of pictures and a simple question is posted on Facebook which can feedback into the discussion on air.




In the Netherlands, NOS Op 3 provides news for the younger end of the audience. In a glimpse behind the scenes of the newsroom and in an attempt to get auidence feedback, a picture of its planning white board is tweeted out. The question to the audience, have we missed any stories?  I love this. So simple but potentially achieving a lot.



Back to Absolute Radio where breakfast presenter Christian O Connell uses his own Twitter account to tell the story of his life off air too.


And fans can even evesdrop on conversations between the show’s production crew. Here, the producer is alarmed his working hours may be longer than he expected.


Following both accounts gives real added value to fans.

I hope you’ve been inspired by one or more of these examples. Please feel very welcome to post examples of your own social media content below and, please, #mutethememe

Re-discovered these slides about the growth of the UK’s London based talk station LBC, written 3+ years ago but I think the points still stand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I declare Friday March 28th 2014, “Mute the Meme Day”!

I want to encourage radio producers to stop copying and pasting easy to find funnies and images from the net and think again about valuable social media content.

Copyright violation aside, this is about thinking about how to truly engage with listeners (and potential listeners) on sites like Facebook by uploading radio stations’ own unique content.

The social spaces on-line should be a shop window of a station’s best stuff - content to compel users on-line, content they won’t find elsewhere and content they will want to share with their friends. I can’t understand why, on some days, I see the same memes on different stations’ accounts. It’s such a waste.

I hope the day will encourage radio people (and others) using social media to think creativity and experiment with new forms of content.

Let me know if you’re on board with #mutethememe and on the day itself I will attempt to share some of the best examples of work.image

Spotted in the office of English speaking #Radio Bulgaria…..memories!!!

How cool is this USB stick at Dutch broadcaster @NOS #anorak