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This used to hang in hospital radio reception. I was about 17 I reckon. OUCH!

This is how the new purpose built HQ for @euronews will look in Lyon. It’ll take all 6 floors. Amazing.

Meet the participants of the latest @EBUAcademy Social Media Master Class…

By the beard of Zeus!

Thought of the day courtesy of staff at Goldhawk Road tube station in London.

Slightly odd lunch yes’day - at the conference centre where the Iran nuclear talks were happening!

Durham Cathedral - probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever had a business meeting.

The new @EBU_Eurovision branding looking good at the HQ in Geneva.

By @nyhetschefjonas use #socialmedia superheroes - people with influence - to spread your content.

Life affirming exhibition near @NOS in Netherlands, smashing taboos around children with Down’s Syndrome. Beautiful.