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Thought of the day courtesy of staff at Goldhawk Road tube station in London.

Slightly odd lunch yes’day - at the conference centre where the Iran nuclear talks were happening!

Durham Cathedral - probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever had a business meeting.

The new @EBU_Eurovision branding looking good at the HQ in Geneva.

By @nyhetschefjonas use #socialmedia superheroes - people with influence - to spread your content.

Life affirming exhibition near @NOS in Netherlands, smashing taboos around children with Down’s Syndrome. Beautiful.

Me at BNR in Bulgaria. Such lovely people there & Sofia is a beautiful city.

Greetings from Bulgaria where there is cool street art & where I am training radio eds in social media.

I know its nothing new but I love this strand on many US local news services - On Your Side. The link has a good example. When the US veteran can find no answer to his problem, he turns to Channel 12. It sends a clear message about the news programme and the relationship with its audience.  And, it positions the show as an important part of local life, an arbiter of sorts. Why isn’t On Your Side a part of UK local news? Is it done elsewhere round the world? 

I first used this treatment many years back at Capital Radio in London. Jack Nicholson was one of the hottest A listers then and we couldn’t get an interview with him. We COULD grab a few words with him at his premiere though. Our reporter put together an audio guide to partying in London, with lots of local audio, and put the cassette in his hand on the red carpet. Amazingly he spoke about it to the audience that night! Well, now we have other ways to get to celebrities and once this guide to north east England was recorded for Rihanna, playing in the area, we tweeted her this URL. Did she see it or hear it? Not sure but I think it was a nice way to connect Rihanna with the local area and surprise our audience.